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You receive a confirmation email with all the inspector’s details. On your booked date and time they complete your pool inspection, even if you're not home.

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Are you located in the Annerley local area?

Are you in the neighbouring suburbs of Annerley, Coorparoo, Holland Park, Moorooka, Yeronga, Woolloongabba or Highgate Hill, then we can help you. The historic suburb of Annerley is known for vintage stores, restaurants, arcades, and a heritage listed library. From the famous cat cafe to the home of journalist and author Hugh Lunn, there’s plenty to see and do in the beautiful suburb of Annerley.

If you are located in or near the Brisbane suburb of Annerley Queensland, you can easily book a pool inspection with a time that best suits you.

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So you’ve got questions?

Do I need a pool safety certificate in Annerley?

You will need a pool safety certificate in Annerley if you are:

  • Planning on selling or leasing your property
  • Undertaking substantial work to your pool barrier
  • Have had a compliant or spot check from the council and they requested one
  • If you are running a day-care from home

What’s the minimum fencing requirement for a pool area in Annerley?

According to the QBCC a pool fence must be:

  • Minimum of 1200mm high
  • For 1800mm or smaller fences, no climbable objects can be within 900mm of the pool barrier
  • Gaps in fence must be less than 100mm
  • Windows that open onto the pool area must be fixed with security screens or bars
  • The gate must be self-closing
  • Gate latch must be 1400mm from the lowest fence railing
  • Signs must be on display for CPR steps

How much is a pool inspection in Annerley?

We charge a fixed price for pool inspection and certificates. We use real time pricing to get you an accurate quote. Enter your postcode above to get your quote today.

How do I book a pool inspector in Annerley?

Our site provides a ‘booking portal’ for multiple professional and reputable pool safety inspectors. To enquire about a pool inspector near you, fill in our contact form and we can direct you to an inspector.

Can I lease my property in Annerley without a safety certificate for my pool?

No. You must complete a pool safety certificate before you lease your property.

Can I purchase property in Annerley without a Pool Safety Certificate?

Yes, you can. If you buy a property without a pool safety certificate, you will have to sign a Form 36 for No pool safety certificate. Before your sale is settled, you need to send this form to the QBCC and undertake any necessary steps as you are now responsible for this pool.

Do I need to get approval to build a pool in Annerley?

Yes. You will need to get approval for your pool before you build it. This may require some developmental application being carried out depending on the zoning of your area. Your pool must comply with your local standards and get building approval from a building certifier.

Why choose us to book your pool inspection in Annerley?

We provide a service to get you in contact with reliable and professional pool safety inspectors. We charge a fixed price with no hidden fees to ensure that you can find an inspector close to your area.

How do I communicate with my pool inspector?

Once you’ve made your pool safety inspection booking you receive a confirmation with the full contact details of your pool inspector, including their phone and email.

Is BMPI a pool inspection company?

No. We’re a booking company that approves and validates pool inspectors and links them to people who need their pool inspected. In a crowded online marketplace we make it easy for pool owners and inspector to complete the booking.

How available are the pool inspectors?

Because we have a large pool of independent pool inspectors we have a very wide availability which is what homeowners want. You just pick a date and time, we’ll do the rest.

It’s vital that your pool meets the necessary safety requirements, voiding this could result in thousands in fines or worse an incident that could have been easily avoided. We can help get you in touch with a pool inspector today to ensure that your pool is up to code.

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