Types of Pool Fencing: Everything You Need to Know

Discover different types of pool fencing: The benefits, costs, and maintenance requirements in our comprehensive guide. Choose the right pool fence now for your needs.

round outdoor pool with wooden fencing

Pool fencing is an important step in your pool safety and can be vital in saving the lives of children and pets who cannot swim. From discovering the advantages and disadvantages of the various types of pool fencing, to how to pick the right fencing for you, in this guide we dive into all you need to know before you install your pool fencing.

There is a wide variety across the types of pool fencing that you can choose from. Continue reading below to discover your pool fencing options in Australia, and some popular pool fence styles.

The Importance of Pool Fencing

Pool fencing is a vital part of your pool safety. Not only does pool fencing ensure that your swimming pool adheres to regulations in your local area, but it can help save lives and prevent children and pets from fatal accidents.

Studies have shown that pool fencing has significantly reduced the number of drownings.

Pool fencing can bring you peace of mind, reducing the chance of accidents from occurring even when you’re not around. Don’t let your pool become a safety hazard.

Types of Pool Fencing

There are several options when it comes to swimming pool fencing, so you don’t need to be worried about restrictions around style options. No matter what your backyard looks like, you can find a pool fencing option that suits you and keeps the whole family safe.

The main types of pool fencing that are compliant to safety regulations include frameless glass fencing, aluminium pool fencing, and wooden pool fencing. You will find that there are pros and cons to each of these, and to choose the right fencing style for your own swimming pool, we will break down each option below.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing is typically broken down into two types, frameless fencing and semi-frameless fencing. Semi-frameless pool fencing typically has metal posts between each sheet of glass whereas frameless glass fencing has no posts and is held up solely by brackets at the bottom of each panel. Everyone will have their own opinions about which style looks best, and will best complement your swimming pool area.

The good news is that glass pool fencing is incredibly strong. Pool glass fencing uses tough tempered glass, so you don’t have to worry about breaks or failing safety inspections.

In fact, regular pool safety inspections can help ensure that your glass pool fencing continues to meet the highest safety standards. Regular safety pool inspections ensure your pool area stays secure. Tempered glass adds durability, providing both style and top safety standards for your peace of mind.

Glass fencing also provides high visibility, making it easier to keep an eye on your pool area and any children or pets that are around. This provides more peace of mind as you can always see anyone who has snuck into the pool area that shouldn't be there.

This style of fencing is also popular for Spa fencing as it creates a seamless and flowing look to any outdoor space. If you have a stunning outdoor swimming pool area, a glass fence is the perfect way to showcase your yard.

However, the down side to glass fencing is it is an expensive option. As installation needs to be done by a professional to ensure that your pool is secure, this can be a large upfront cost. You also need to consider maintenance, as glass tends to be easily marked by scratches, watermarks, and general wear and tear that comes with being a part of your pool area.

rectangular outdoor swimming pool with glass fencing

Aluminium Pool Fencing

If you want durability and flexibility when it comes to your fencing options, aluminium pool fencing is a great choice for you. This is typically a cheaper option than glass fencing, but you don’t gain the same heightened visibility that glass offers.

Aluminium pool fencing can also provide more privacy to your swimming pool area, so you don’t have to worry about nosy neighbours. No matter what colour scheme you choose for your backyard, you will be able to find a style of aluminium pool fencing that suits you, making it the ideal choice for many homeowners. This style of pool fencing also requires minimal maintenance and stays clean without too much work on your part.

A downside to aluminium pool fencing is its strength. While aluminium pool fencing lasts in most environments, it is not as strong as other options like heavier metals such as steel or wrought iron.

Wooden Pool Fencing

A wooden pool fence can provide natural beauty and a statement to any pool area. Wooden fencing is also easily customisable, making it a great choice for many homeowners.

While wooden pool fencing can be stylish, it can be hard to maintain. To keep your wooden fencing looking good and reducing wear and tear, you need to keep up annual maintenance. Before your wooden fencing is installed it will be treated to prevent rot, decay and even some insects, however this coating will fade over time, especially if your pool is in a sunny area. With a little maintenance, you can ensure your pool fencing looks great for years to come. Another benefit of wooden fencing is its durability, if a panel is scratched or damaged, it can be fairly cheap and easy to replace or even sand and re-lacquer, until other fencing options.

If you plan on a DIY project for your pool area, a wooden pool fence is a great option and it can be easy to create your own unique touches and style options.

How to choose the right type of pool fencing

Picking the right pool fence styles will be based on your individual needs, there is no one right answer. Some important factors to consider for your pool fence options include:

  1. Maintenance and repair costs
  2. Style and aesthetics
  3. Cost of installation and materials
  4. Your budget

Factors to Consider When Choosing Pool Fencing Types

Before you settle on your pool fencing options, there are a few things you should consider now that you know the pros and cons of each style.

Pick the material that best compliments your swimming pool area and yard. If you have a smaller yard or pool space, an option with a higher visibility such as glass fencing creates the illusion of more space and helps the space flow more. However, if you want more privacy for your pool area, you might find that a solid fencing option like wood or aluminium is better.

Before you make your decision, you should have a budget in mind, including the price of materials, installation, and also maintenance or repairs. This can often narrow down your choices and help you pick the most realistic option for your pool area.

Are you planning on hiring a professional to install your new pool fencing, or are you starting a DIY project? If you are installing the fencing yourself, options like wood, or aluminium are often easy to install unless you have the expertise you need to install more complex fencing such as glass.

Lastly, bear in mind your local regulations for safety. Standards for safety can vary slightly in different regions, but you must consider the gaps, height of your fencing, hinges, and even your Pool gate latch before you install your fencing.

outdoor swimming pool with green aluminium fencing

Pool Fencing Regulations

In order for your pool fencing to be compliant, there are some regulations that you must adhere to. Ensure that:

  • The height of your barrier is a minimum of 1200mm from the ground to the top of the barrier.
  • There are no climbable objects within 900mm of the exterior of the pool area and 300mm within the interior.
  • Distance between Horizontal rails is no smaller than 900mm.
  • The gap below the barrier to the ground is no greater than 100mm.
  • All pool gates must open away from the pool.

Pool Fencing Regulations

To ensure that you have the correct safety code and regulations in place for your pool, you can read our free pool inspection guide for a thorough checklist of your pool fencing options which is specifically for Queensland, Australia.


Pool fencing is vital for pool safety and to ensure that you are compliant with your local safety laws. Some common pool fence styles can include glass pool fencing, wooden fencing, and aluminium pool fencing.

To gain your pool safety certificate you can book your pool safety certificate with us today. Search for a book inspection near you today to ensure your pool fencing is up to code. View by location for Gold Coast pool inspections or Brisbane pool inspections, or search by your postcode.