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We have assembled below some of the more common questions, of which some are also covered in the terms and conditions. The below FAQ is not all encompassing however should answer your most common questions. We are unable to provide technical advice as we are a booking portal however all linked pool safety inspectors will be able to answer your questions after your booking is made.

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Pool safety certificates (Form 23) - the law

Are you?
  • selling or leasing your property? (Approx 80% of Inspections)
  • have undertaken substantial work to the pool barrier?
  • have had a complaint or spot check from council and they request one?
  • Running a day care from home?
Note: It is recommended also for AirBNB and Host families as this comes under the short or long-term accommodation premise regime.
Please Note: Even if you’re not one of the above, you still need to make sure your pool is compliant with the current pool safety standard.

YES, in Qld the pool safety laws apply to pools and spas capable of being filled with water to a depth of 300mm.

This applies whether that the pool or spa is permanent or temporary.

YES, HOWEVER the inspector who inspects your pool will be able to attend to this whilst issuing your Safety Certificate therefore there is nothing you are required to do – just book the inspection.

Pool Safety Certificates remain current for:
  • 2 years - Private Pools (Your pool or spa at home)
  • 1 year - Shared Pools (more than one family sharing the pool - eg Unit Complex)
You do not have to renew is you are not in one of the categories listed in the "Do I need a pool safety certificate?" FAQ. Please Note however. Every pool owner still needs to make sure your pool is compliant with the current pool safety standard.

About the money

It is simple, we are a FIXED FEE introduction agency so to speak. This site is Fixed Fee to the pool owners and we also receive a small fixed booking fee - just like Hotel Booking Site. We INSTANTLY facilitate the booking with registered pool inspectors have agreed to our operating strict terms and conditions. We partner with reputable pool inspectors. For our efforts, this booking site is paid a small flat fee per booking made.

Just to let you know again, we partner with reputable pool inspectors.

So we are Neither cheap nor expensive. We are where the pricing should be – to benefit all parties.

The price point this booking service is mid-range pricing which is the true sweet spot and represents honest value to clients and good value and convenience for inspectors.

Inspectors are very happy to be linked to this this booking service as there are many strong benefits for the inspectors – that is why this system works well for pool owners and for inspectors alike. Life doesn't need to be difficult.

We are fixed price. We partner with reputable pool inspectors. A quote can be increased after arrival onsite. WE DO NOT increase the price after arrival onsite.
This keeps coming up...We partner with reputable pool inspectors. YES, there can be much variance in the costs of Pool Inspections in Qld and this can be quite confusing and/or daunting to pool owners. Please let us explain. This is a fixed price service and this is how it works. Your initial inspection charge is Fixed – it does not increase after arrival onsite. A re-inspection charge (if applicable due to your pool being deemed as non-compliant) is cost capped meaning that the Inspector has agreed to only charge UP TO a capped amount – and no more. This is detailed in the T&C.

Fencing and compliance responsibility

The pool owner for ensuring that the pool complies with the pool safety standard and all barriers are kept in good condition. If the tenant purchases a pool they are responsible for compliance.

Tenants are responsible for ensuring climbable objects are not placed against the fence.

If it is a shared pool and the property is managed by a body corporate, the responsibility generally it all lies with the body corporate.

Yes, the boundary fence can be used as a pool barrier, however it must meet the pool safety standard.

An inspector will be able to interpret the legislation to ensure that your boundary fence is compliant.

NO. This is a common issue but very resolvable. The pool fencing is the pool owner’s responsibility, not your neighbours.

The Inspector will show you how this can be easily managed to pass the inspection and to prevent it from happening again.

Firstly of course you speak with the inspector about your concerns.

Whilst not every pool fence will be compliant and sometimes the rules don’t seem to make sense, it is imperative that your inspector can communicate with you – we therefore link reputable pool inspectors to this booking site.

However, in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the issues listed in the licensed pool safety inspector’s report (Nonconformity Notice), you are able to make an appeal to the Building and Development Dispute Resolution Committee. More information about the committees is available from the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works website. This process is Queensland wide same.

The appeal must be made within 20 business days of the notice being given. Information about how to submit the appeal is detailed on the Nonconformity Notice.