About Book My Pool Inspection

We are “Kashikoi Trust”. Why? “Kashikoi” in Japanese means “Smart/Clever/helpful” – we believe this name summed up this website exactly.

The Australian developers of Book My Pool Inspection “Kashikoi Trust” have the backing of more than 10 years industry experience.

Subsequently, This booking site was created to fill the need that was so desperately needed by pool owners, to save you time and money and the provide you with the most stress free route to obtaining your pool safety certificate.

It also is important to note that we developed this booking website to ensure Pool Inspector’s have the ability to do what they do best, inspect.

The pool inspection industry is not designed for large companies but rather sole operators. We therefore assist pool inspectors and pool owners by keeping prices fair and limiting time spent by inspectors making appointments.

We have assembled and validated the best Queensland Pool Inspectors and we work on a fixed price model covering as many suburbs as possible and only when we can provide professional inspectors to service that area.

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